INSTANTBRA - Instant strapless Br east Lift

INSTANTBRA - Instant strapless Br east Lift

£13.80 £21.00

INSTANTBRA BraLifts are the completely strapless solution to lift your br easts while ensuring a naturally p erky look in virtually any outfit.

With INSTANTBRA, you can lift each br east and realign your ni pple to a higher position, even if you are larger than a D cup. INSTANTBRA will reduce pulling and slipping of the straps when worn with a bra and are also a simple solution to the inches back bu lge.

1 pair INSTANTBRA contains: 1 pair of invisible support + 1 pair of ni pple covers

They can even be worn for up to 24 hours. INSTANTBRA are the perfect solution for 24-hour br east support that is virtually invisible. Simply place, peel and gently lift to get the shape, support and con fidence that every woman desires.